August 8, 2016
Art Exhibition ” Inscape “
August 8, 2016

“Our (?) Byzantium, 30 + 1 visual approaches to Museum”

The Byzantine Museum presents to the public the temporary exhibition “Our (?) Byzantium, 30 + 1 visual approaches to the Museum of Byzantine “. This is the result of cooperation of the Museum with Professor of Fine and Applied Arts Department of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Mr. Manolis Giannadakis and students, many of whom are now graduates. The museum, as structured and unstructured space as a work of art, the collections, the exhibits served as sources of inspiration and creativity of young people, and even artists.

During the program, the artists came together and deeper acquaintance with the exhibits, their themes, the material and production techniques. Then they created original works, more directly and more suggestive, relate to ideas, techniques, iconographic themes or unedited works of the museum exhibition, restated through the artistic style of each participant. In order for projects to converse with the exhibits which refer directly or sufficiently clearly, marked objects in the permanent exhibition.

The Artists

Manolis Giannadakis, Yota Andriakaina, Life Antoniades, Boris Georgitseli, Anna-Maria Deligianni Constantina Dounia, Dragon Christina Mania Efstathiou, Elena Zeppos, Marion Inglesi Maria Karimpidi, George Kitsoukis, Natasha Kotsala, Dora Kourtesi , Despina Matzari, Demosthenes Boyatzis, George Boudalis, Helen Nikolakopoulou, Isidora Papadoula, Adriana Plagketi, Eleana Pappas, Dora Prassa, Christina Sarlis, George Stoupkas, Poly Shinas, Joanna Taiganidis, Avgi Topaka , Katerina Tsitsela, Helen Chantzi, Julia Charalambous, Helen Hadjineophytou.
Editor: Manolis Giannadakis

Museum of Byzantine Culture