The Story

My issue has to do with landscapes that express certain mental states and are interpreted psychoanalytically as ‘inner landscapes’ , landscapes of the human soul . The paintings reveal my dark inner landscape, in which invade bundles of light, revealing in the eyes of spectator the forms that are deplored from existential situation in which they are found.My interest is focused in the search of the excessive and eternal truth that is found after completion our trip in matter. My quest is reflected in my paintings through the attribution of light , the source of which is not revealed and is out of the painted canvas, implying the transcendent origin. “… Light is one of the names given to God.”

In contrast to the light, the darkness in my work does not declare the simple absence of light, but the autonomous and self-reactive force that keeps the protagonists of my works in an eternal standby , immobility and simultaneously readiness for the revelation that follow.The sentimental situation of forms, testimony by the expressionist disposal with which I have used the color and the turmoil caused by the embossed touch and pasted burlap on the surface of the canvas.